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Tell us what you are looking for and we check the market for you.


It happens all the time that you can’t find a certain model at any of the suppliers and your customer would give anything to you in order to get it. This particular tool was created to help you out in this matter. Even if you don’t find a specific model in our current catalogue that doesn’t mean that we can’t get it for you.

You can leave us a note about which model you are looking for together the needed amount and the target price and we will check the current market supply and see if we can find something that matches or at least it is near to your expectations.

How it works

Please note that this option is only available for registered users.

If you take a look at your “My account” menu line you will notice that there is an item called “My Wishlist”.
After you click on it you will be directed into the “My Wishlist” page. Here you have to enter the name of the wanted model into the “Quick Search” bar and press “Search”.

Once you found the desired model all you have to do is to enter the target price, the amount you are looking for and click on the shopping cart symbol. Once you have done this the item will be added to your “My Wishlist” list.
You can access your “My Wishlist” list by clicking on the “View list” in the bottom right under the “Shopping basket”.

Here you can see the items you added so far to your “My Wishlist” list together with their target price and quantity that you have given before. With the “Valid till” option you can set the date till you want this request to be valid.

Once you put an item on this list our Purchase Department will receive a notification containing your request and if they are able to acquire the wanted models until the “Valid till” date you will receive a notification regarding the availability in an e-mail.

Please note that target price and quantity is not guaranteed! Price and quantity depends on the available supply on the market!

If you are registered and have further questions regarding this option please contact your Regional Sales Representative or the Customer Support, for unregistered users please contact Customer Support via the LIVE Chat available on our website or by calling our Call Center: +421 220 633 178.