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Same Day Payment & Shipping

Sending money FAST and CHEAP on day-one, receiving the order on day-two. It's that simple.


Those clients who register on Mobileshop.bz have the option pay for their orders INSTANTLY and CHEAP. How is this possible? It is all thanks to Wise.



The besided the usual benefits of having a Wise account clients can pay for their Mobileshop.bz orders INSTANTY and MUCH CHEAPER than via usual bank transfers. Thanks to this the shipping of the order can also happen the same day so the order can be delivered even the next day!

Moreover, there is no need to memorise or save any kind of special account number, all that is needed is our email address and our company name to mention in order to start the transfer!

Paying order has never been so fast and simple!

More details about how to pay for the orders FAST and CHEAP you can be read HERE.