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Full warranty coverage up to 2 years

Majority of our products is covered by full 1 or 2 year warranty. So you do not have to worry we got you covered.


As Bluefin Century s.r.o. is operating on the open market, we are buying our stock from all around the world. Because of this, some items do not have warranty, not even manufacturer warranty. In order to address this issue we have introduced our own 1 and 2 year warranty periods for all of the products we sell.

The warranty period starts from the day the order is shipped out to you from our warehouse in Bratislava. During this one-year period, you may send back any faulty devices to us using the My Repair service available in your Mobileshop.bz account.

Once the device is received by the Repair Staff they will have 60 days to conduct the repair process if they are not able to send back the device before the period end we will issue a credit note and you may use the amount get an exchange unit, discount the value from an actual order or refund the value.

After the warranty period has ended you can still send us back any devices that you have purchased from us but the repairs may be chargeable.

For further details regarding warranty handling please read the terms and conditions on Mobileshop.bz.

If you are registered and have further questions regarding this option please contact your Regional Sales Representative or the Customer Support, for unregistered users please contact Customer Support via the LIVE Chat available on our website or by calling our Call Center: +421 220 633 178.